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DigFace is a new community service website designed to make it simple, easy, and fun for users to search and match faces via utilizing the latest facial related technology. Detect, search, and match face on photos is a hot topic these days. We believe in great possibilities and future of rapidly facial recognition technology, it will be a useful service for users all over the internet. We also seek partnership to join us. For the time being, We provide free face recognition services if you have a valid face image data set.

Other Featured Sites

Lots of great Android applications including the famous Funny Face app. Just a few clicks, your photo will become a funny photo. With it, you can send to your family members. All apps are free with AD but worth a try.
MyHeritage.com is one of the world's first services to apply advanced face recognition technology to personal photos and family history; and it's free!
Looks like a cool site, but I don't have time to play around it.
MyFaceID is a free media search service based on biometric facial recognition technology.
I uploaded my face. But whenever do a search, it is either timeout or always display "Search in progress...". I think that their search or match algorithm is too slow.
Recently smartphone break out bring the face detection, recognition, and search into a reality. Lots of Android apps are dealing with face related funny technology. You can find several face related apps here. For old J2ME phone, the Funny Face downloads over 3M on getjar.com, amazing?
How about a face detection on mobile phone(J2ME platform)? Here you can find this cool application as well! Try download to the application and see how it works now! If you have an Android phone, you can find the product face search here.

Latest News

Yao Wei recently publish his ASMLibrary for Android version. Since Yao Wei's fitting is much fast than stasm, we can achieve face tracking FPS 7 for camera resolution 720x1280!
Just take or pick a picture then funny, warp, bend and distort it to your heart. The app will auto detect and landmark your face in seconds. How hilarious can you be? Have Fun! You don't like it, your kids will be! Let's funny around your friends.

How to develop Android apps using stasm with OpenCV? Active Shape Models with Stasm just release version 4.0.0. With this version, we can easily port it to Android environment. Download the minimal free android source demo code above. You need also get the stasm 4.0.0 source code here. If you have an Android phone, you may want to try our advanced stasm android demo here. When stasm works on the real time camera video of resolution 720x1280, the FPS can be as high as 2.6. TRY IT on your Android phone.
Just finished the semi-manual semi-automatic MarkFace Java application. In order to use the ASM/AAM training the model, you must involve manually landmark the points for the trainging face set. This application will reduce the tedious manual landmark job via template match first, then group move, then single point refine process.
We implement a real time webcam face detection java applet. Click left image to see webcam face detection demo!